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    reintegrating lives

about us

20 Years Of Experience!

Nature is all about evolution. We evolve , we adapt , we alter the evolution and adaptation by innovation. The process of reintegrating should never stop.

Company History

Abhimanu group of companies include Abhimanu Visions ( E) pvt Ltd establishes in 1999 , Chetna visions started in 2004 , Abhimanu Adventures resorts Pvt Ltd in 2009, Abhimanu Creations 2014, , NIECD in 2015, Abhipedia in 2015, AIC Mantra in 2016 and recent incorporation of Transedge educational. Abhimanu Vision is the parent copy in the Abhimanu group.


Education Plus

Education Plus is a garland of services supporting our conventional education system aiming at global reach



Abhimanu adventure resorts host perfect projects for your rendveous with nature and history



White village project aims to explore high standards of living in sustainable and nature friendly setting


Competitive Examinations

Abhimanu IAS , the father of all verticles is engaged in bringing smiles on the face of CS aspirants

  1. 25000+ clients satisfied

  2. 200+ employees

  3. 150+ courses/products

  4. 50+ CSR Project

  5. 1100+ + success stories
  • info@abhimanu.com
  • 9501114409